Hello! Glad you made it here :) I’m Paula, a 28-year-old print and pattern designer with a focus on photographic prints for the fashion market.

    I have worn many hats over the past few years, starting out in graphic design in Caracas and then making my way into fashion photography in London, only to return to being a graphic designer in Barcelona, which ultimately drove me to blend everything together and become a textile designer in Stockholm.

    Discovering pattern design (or print or textile or surface or however you want to call it) has been life changing for me. I absolutely love it and I am always looking for new projects and challenges. So if after seeing my work and reading this silly description you still want to work with me, don’t hesitate and send me an e-mail.

    You can also read and download my CV here.
    And my favourite social media is this.
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    And I’m working as a Concept Designer for this cool company.

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